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AVLock SIMPLE v6.x

New version, fully compatible with previous v5.x. Functions have been added but the equivalent functions from previous versions are still available. Because both PHP and MYSQL have evolved and some features are obsolete, we have added new php scripts that can optionally be used as a replacement of the previous ones. Now using MySqli instead of MySql. The Dev-Panel utility is included in this release.
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AVLock Subscription System is both; a subscription system and also a lock control for applications. This allow you sell your product via PayPal or other payment systems, and manage renewals and Upgrades, and optionally your product could be locked toghether with the subscription period.
NOTE: Renewal prices are the same for all editions: Free, Std, Pro and Dev.
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AVLock SIMPLE v5.x

If you are a Delphi programmer and need to market your software securely, and you want that your potential customers to evaluate your products before they buy them, then AVLock SIMPLE is the solution that you are looking for. Also, with this small component you will be able to manage the whole licensing cycle of your application through internet.
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